Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers
Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers
Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers
Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers

Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers

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Dentluxe's Disposable Aluminium Glue Stickers are next level glue stickers for all eyelash extension technicians. 

The Benefits:

  • Time Saver: eyelash glue stickers could be placed on forehead, stone pallet, dresser, beauty table or other places as you like, helpful in improving the speed of the eyelash extension process, quick and easy, no mess, no need to clean up.
  • Material: these eyelash holder stickers are made of tin aluminum foil, suitable for glue pallets and can make clean up easy, can slow down your glue's hardening speed so that your adhesive will last longer and not easy to dry.

Each sheet contains 30x silver glue plate stickers.
Sold in 150x stickers (5 Sheets) or 300x stickers (10 Sheets)

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