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Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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Dentluxe's Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is like no other worldwide! We pride in stocking the safest, affordable & most effective kits on the market - even the reviews say so! Packed and sealed in our iconic, matte white Dentluxe bags, our kits include all the essentials you will need as a technician to successfully whiten your client's teeth.

  • x1 Black Dental Bib
  • x1 Cheek Retractor (Size M)
  • x1 Facial Gauze/Mask
  • x3 Microbrushes
  • x2 VE Oil Swabs
  • x2 Cotton Rolls
  • x1 Oral Brush Up
  • x1 Gum Protector 3ml with tip
  • x1 Teeth Whitening Pen 6% Hydrogen Peroxide

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