Sandra is a fully qualified Dental Hygienist & Therapist who completed her Medical Science degree at Western Sydney University and Oral Health Therapy degree at the University of Sydney, making her dual qualified. She has been strictly in the dental industry for over a decade now and wishes to educate individuals who want to join the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening field. As a dental graduate, the quality of care differs from the rest.

Over the years, teeth whitening has exploded into a $10 billion industry, but despite the hype, whitening treatments can be quite costly, overpriced and sometimes ineffective. In Australia, you can easily expect to spend anywhere between $500 to $1000+ at the dental clinic for ONE whitening treatment - we understand the struggle!

But what if we told you teeth whitening doesn’t have to be expensive? At DENTLUXE, we have collaborated with Australian Cosmetic Dentists to produce high-grade Teeth Whitening gels containing the exact same whitening agents and ingredients used by today’s dentists, for a fraction of the cost.

We thrive on supplying top quality products at lowest prices guaranteed. Cheap does not always mean poor quality, we are a wholesale company where we buy top of the range products in very high numbers, allowing us to sell to you at a fraction of the cost. 

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